Waiter/Waitress Jobs In Dubai In VIP Hotel
Waiter/Waitress Jobs In Dubai In VIP Hotel

Waiter/Waitress Jobs In Dubai In VIP Hotel

Waiter/Waitress Jobs are open in one of the VIP hotel in Dubai with the handsome amount of salary and other benefits. These vacancies for Waiters/Waitresses are offered by the famous Hotel “FIVE Hotels and Resorts”.

These jobs are open as a Permanent and full time employment. You can join this group initially with the contract of at least two years. If you will be suitable and interested to work more with company you can increase this contract.

How “FIVE Hotels and Resorts” work and hire candidates in Dubai? First of all have a look about the introduction of FIVE Hotels and Resorts and below is complete detail about requirements, skills, responsibilities in this position.

Hotel Introduction:

FIVE Hotels and Resorts is one the redefine luxury with a touch of audacity and distinctiveness. FIVE Hotels and Resorts is pride in being Disruptively Different and Daringly Unique, offering an array of lavish destinations that epitomize glamour and experiential luxury.

The growing portfolio boasts extraordinary locations, including the iconic FIVE Palm Jumeirah, the vibrant FIVE Jumeirah Village, the sophisticated FIVE Zurich, and the exclusive FIVE LUXE. Becoming a part of the Exceptional FIVE Tribe means immersing yourself in a culture that thrives on breaking boundaries and providing unbeatable next-level experiences.

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Table Overview

Job TitleWaiter/Waitress
CompanyFIVE Hotels and Resorts
Experience Required
QualificationNot Required

If you are interested to work with the hotel then you can join accomplished team and be a part of the FIVE Tribe, where you can fearlessly challenge conventions on a global stage. What are the general requirements of joining the team of FIVE Hotels and Resorts? Find it in the following below detail:

Requirements Of Joining FIVE Hotels and Resorts

If you are passionate individuals to join the team of FIVE Hotels and Resorts as a Waiters/Waitresses. Then make sure you are able to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. 1-2 years of previous experience in a Luxury Hotel environment as a VIP Waiter/Waitress is a definite plus.
  2. Maintain a professional, Insta-worthy appearance, always aligning with FIVE’s Grooming Standards and showcasing a polished ‘FIVE-Styled’ demeanor.
  3. Flexibility to thrive in a variety of shifts, including weekends and holidays, to meet the dynamic needs of the hotel.
  4. Bring a welcoming and enthusiastic energy that sets the stage for a truly sensational guest experience.
  5. Be an elevated and energetic conversationalist, skillfully engaging guests in lively discussions.
  6. Possess a proactive nature with a meticulous eye for detail, ensuring every aspect of the operation is curated to perfection.
  7. Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills, utilizing strong verbal and written abilities to effectively engage with guests, FIVE Tribe members, and stakeholders.
  8. Showcase creativity in finding solutions and take ownership of all duties and tasks, ensuring an unparalleled journey at FIVE.
  9. Exhibit skills in improving customer satisfaction and driving profitability, demonstrating a commitment to industry-leading standards.
  10. Embrace ‘FIVE-Styled’ visionary thinking by finding creative solutions and taking ownership of all duties and tasks assigned.
  11. Possess impeccable communication skills, both verbal and written, with fluency in English (additional languages are a plus).

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Skills You Should Have:

If you are going to apply for waiter/waitress in FIVE Hotels and Resorts. Then make sure you should have following skills. FIVE Hotels and Resorts is seeking candidate who can fulfill:

  1. Excellent Communication Skills:
    • Your ability to communicate effectively sets you apart.
    • Whether interacting with guests or team members, your communication skills shine.
  2. Leadership Qualities:
    • Possess leadership qualities that empower you to take ownership and lead with finesse.
    • You’re not just a team member; you’re a leader who inspires others.
  3. Organizational Skills:
    • Navigate a fast-paced environment with precision and organizational finesse.
    • Your ability to keep things organized ensures tasks are executed flawlessly.
  4. Creative and Critical Thinking:
    • Harness your astute creative and critical thinking skills.
    • Conceptualize and implement innovative solutions that elevate the dining experience.
  5. Keen Attention to Detail:
    • No detail escapes your keen eye.
    • You approach tasks with proactive precision, ensuring perfection in every aspect.
  6. ‘Can-Do!’ Attitude and Flair for Ownership:
    • Embrace a ‘Can-Do!’ attitude coupled with an inherent flair for taking ownership.
    • Your motivation and ownership mentality make you a highly valued go-getter.
  7. Outgoing and Approachable Nature:
    • Your outgoing and approachable nature fosters seamless connections.
    • Easily connect with fellow ‘FIVERs’ and key stakeholders, creating a positive environment.
  8. Empowerment and Exceptional Experiences:
    • Joining our Food and Beverage Team empowers you to deliver exceptional experiences.
    • Your role as a VIP Waiter/Waitress contributes to the award-winning lifestyle destinations at FIVE.
  9. Career Growth and New Heights:
    • Jump on board and unlock your potential.
    • Thrive in a buzzing environment that propels your career to new heights.

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Procedure Of Apply For Waiter/Waitress Job In FIVE Hotels and Resorts:

If you found this job is fit for you and you also fulfilling the section of requirements and skills then you can apply for this job by Clicking Here. If you want to check out the other jobs in Dubai find out below:

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